I recently disassemble my SNES (model No. SNS-001) to replace the adaptor port. Unscrewed everything, desoldered and soldered the piece. Now I'm trying to reassemble it and like a total noob (its my first time doing this stuff ... ) I can't seem to figure out where all the screws go to screw the metal plates back onto the motherboard. There's the large metal plate on the underside of the motherboard which I can't figure out how to screw back, the screws don't seem to fit in the holes. haha. same for the top plates. I disassembled it months ago and had it laying around till now, so I can't remember for the life of me what goes where. Would anyone have a specific description of which screws go where? I have 6 small bronze colored screws, 9 medium screws and 4 larger silver screws. Any bit of help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks SO much!!!