Hey guys, once again got a fun little quirk.

So I'm using my X'Eye pretty regularly instead of my Genesis/Sega CD unit for space reasons (my RoD setup is using IKEA 'Expedit' units surrounding the TV), and I'm noticing some signal issues with the video. It's minor, certainly nothing you'd have real issues with, but I've tried multiple video cables and the signal just seems to be struggling a little. There's no static or anything, but there is some irregularity to the scanlines that is readily noticeable on solid color patches and even on black like the Sega License screen. The best I can describe it is like there are shapes made of liquid just flowing around in the background, very faintly.

I'm out of contact-cleaner spray so I'm picking some up soon anyway. I've tried multiple cables but no real luck in fixing it. Could it be just dirty contacts or interference somewhere between origin and TV?

You'll have to forgive my ignorance because when I was a kid this was normal. I used RF exclusively back then because it's what I could use and it naturally had all kinds of this junk in it. But now that I've been using composite at minimum, I'm noticing it.

TV is a Sony 36" Trinitron. Looks great on all the other systems so far.