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Thread: FS: PlayStation, model SCPH-1001, excellent condition $40, relisted!

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    Default FS: PlayStation, model SCPH-1001, excellent condition $40, relisted!

    I have this original model U.S. PlayStation for sale. Model is SCPH-1001. It is in very good shape, with no major scuffs or scratches on the exterior.

    It works flawlessly. Didn't skip during FMVs or music even with some of my scratched up discs. These are pretty hard to come by that work as well as this one does.

    It comes with an original gray power cable, official memory card, some (unoriginal) AV cables, and one SCPH-1010 controller. The controller is also in excellent condition.

    $40 shipped.

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    Default I'll buy it, I live in Chicago!!

    Hello! First I'd like to say "Thanks" for posting this to the group. I'd love to buy this console from you. Please tell me what I need to send you (total with shipping). I get paid at end of week. Let's get this figured out!!

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    Default I read the post....please send me a PM

    I'll be ready to send payment on Thursday. Please let me know if this is acceptable. I live in Chicago. I'd appreciate a reply. Thanks.

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    PM has been sent.

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    AnakinSkywalker has not responded to my messages.

    This PlayStation is back on sale!

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    Default I would like to buy the machine.

    Hi. I would love to buy the Playstation. Can you send me a PM? And what date code does it say on the back? Example: July 1995. What do you want me to send to you? I live in Quincy Illinois.

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