Hi friends,

I got in to code school and so, with a heavy heart, I am looking to sell the prize piece of my collection to raise money: my Neo Geo CDZ and everything that comes with it.

The CDZ itself is in fantastic cosmetic shape and works beautifully. It comes with its box and, I think, the manual (I will check when I get a chance).

The CDZ comes with two control sticks which I swapped out for the handheld controllers it came with a while back.

The games are complete and all the jewel cases are in awesome shape. Games are the following:

- Metal Slug
- Metal Slug II
- Pulstar
- Viewpoint
- Super Baseball 2020
- Sengoku II
- Sonic Wings
- Last Resort
- Samurai Spirits Shodown
- Fighter's History Dynamite
- Fatal Fury
- King of the Fighters 98

I'm happy to hear any offers, but I would prefer to sell as a lot - parting things out ends up being ridiculously expensive and I don't really have the time or energy. I will ship and insure at my own expense.

Any questions, let me know. I'm happy to answer! Thanks for looking.