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Thread: Miscellaneous stuff for sale

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    Default Miscellaneous stuff for sale

    PM me what you are interested in and your zipcode so I can figure shipping.

    Giant lot of monitor/arcade/computer chips $15 <- linked because pic is big

    I can't test these because I don't have the corresponding equipment, they're new old stock from an electronic repair business in the 80s. Some of the pieces include:

    Apple 344-0011 IIc MMU IC (Apple II) x3

    Commodore PLA Chip 906114 (C64)

    Sharp g11 x0107ge 51 (Possibly a Sharp X6800 part)

    Used to service arcade machines, televisions, video game boards of that era. I think for what I'm asking they're a steal because you could flip at least two or three pieces and make double your money if you can confirm they work.

    PLCC OR TSOP to DIP 32 (could be used for NES repro work) $20

    Sexy adapters that allow use of PLCC or TSOP flash chips, smaller profile, rewriteable. Socketed, could make your own flash carts, etc. If you want some 27C010 PLCC chips I can sell some to you as well.

    27C040 DIP $2

    GBA to GBA & GBA to Gamecube link cables, official. SOLD

    Altered Beast (complete), Zoom (complete) and Starflight (boxed), all have beautiful labels, last remnants of my personal collection, I was very picky. SOLD

    Bundle of video game mags, $15: PENDING

    Megaman Zero 2 guide
    Electronic Fun March 1984
    Nintendo Power November 2012
    EGM Spring 2014
    Nintendo Power Strategy Guide 4 Player Extra
    Consumer Guide More Strategies for Video Games 1989

    NFL QUarterback Club 99 - one free if you buy something else and aren't claiming another freebie

    Neon Sonic the Hedgehog hat be so sexy and stylin $5

    Starcraft + Brood War $5 for all

    Topps / Pee Chee scratch off Nintendo cards, some rare 2nd series cards - GONE

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