Hey folks. I'm looking for one of these, and hope someone here has one for sale or trade. I don't have a lot of money, though, but I have a bunch of things I can offer for it that you can use or flip somewhere else. Or if you have one for sale I might be able to get the cash somewhere.

* Microsoft Home and Student 2007 (retail, complete in box with key)
* Microsoft Office Professional w/Business Contact Manager (OEM, sealed)
* Two Adaptec Gamebridges (they work perfectly fine but they don't have 64-bit drivers so they're unusable on 64-bit Windows...)
* A set of four Japanese Beatmania games in varying conditions
* Azure Dreams (PS1, in beat up / worn shape)
* A couple of sealed sample sets for Sony Acid software (Dr. Fink's Funk Factory + Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass)
* A bunch of DVDs

Hopefully someone here can help me out. If you can, please send me PMs since I don't visit this forum often. Thanks!