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Thread: turn based rpgs online?

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    Default turn based rpgs online?

    Is there such a thing? A game where you can play turn based RPGs with another person online? I know you can play Eternal Sonata for 360 with another person locally. Looking for something similar, but online.

    No MMOs is the main requirement here, basically.

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    White Knight Chronicles 1 and 2 had an ATB combat system and was playable with up to six players in a single quest. Sadly, WKC online is no longer available in the US despite thousands of daily players. It was a major slap in the face from both Sony and D3. Sony announced they were taking down WKC1 online which caused D3 to announce they were taking their WKC2 servers down on the same day. The online is still available for the Japanese versions of the games, but there are online passes so you have to use a Japanese account in order to play them, since you can't use a Japanese online pass on a US PS store.
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