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Thread: How to sell boxes, manuals, and inserts?

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    Default How to sell boxes, manuals, and inserts?

    EDIT: How does a guy go about selling his spare boxes, manuals, and inserts?
    I've never gotten into completing, so I don't know what buyers expect.
    I can wing it, I'm sure...I just wanted to make sure I'm ready to provide a good experience.

    - How do you determine their value?
    - How do you package these empty cardboard game boxes for shipping?

    I plan to solicit offers by listing what I have in the orphans thread. It'll be "this game box with this stuff in it."
    Whatever is already in the game box is what I'll sell with it would be up to the buyer to know whether or not it's the "complete" set.
    Does that sound like a plan or do 'box buyers' expect something else?

    Some of what will be going:
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