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Thread: Nintendo Fun Club News Issue #1 plus Extras

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    Default Nintendo Fun Club News Issue #1 plus Extras

    In today's auction we have the very hard-to-find first issue of "Nintendo Fun Club News".

    The newsletter looks complete with all of its pages. There is no other apparent damage save for the water damage on the corners of the front cover/page 2 and page 5/back cover, as seen in the photos. There is no writing or smudges in the text.

    Included is the letter that came with the membership to the Fun Club and was sent with specifically Issue 1 (as stated in the second bullet point in the letter). The letter is a little wrinkled in the corner and has a slight fold in the upper left corner of the page.

    Also included is an insert to order either the "How to Win at Super Mario Bros." guide or scorepads for "Super Mario Bros.", "Excitebike" and "Hogan's Alley". The mailing envelopes for those orders are also included.

    And finally there's a "Super Mario Bros." unused sticker. I have no idea where it came from originally but the Super Mario Bros. wording is trademarked and it does have the Nintendo registered logo at the bottom so I'm guessing it's a genuine Nintendo-issued sticker.

    The items have been kept in a flat plastic slip case. Like with many auctions with, everything is provided "as-is".

    Thanks for checking out my auction!

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    That sticker is legit as I had (have?) it all these years and was originally stuck to my old NES probably for 15+ years until I removed it and with the sticky gone just kept it around as is. It came I believe with that first fun club newsletter that you have there but not 100% positive.

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