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Thread: SNES controller random press problem

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    Default SNES controller random press problem

    was working fine within last 3 hours, went to use it now and when I press a button or hold the button it doesn't react properly, ex, in yoshis island pressing y shoots your tongue out, holding it lets you run faster, well now it sometimes reacts properly until yoshi proceeds to re-enact vomiting. Jumping with b? sometimes it jumps, but when held sometimes works proerply, othertimes it just acts like the A button and trys to throw an egg, opens start menu randomly ETC

    Same issues in other games, and with other SNES original controllers, (tried 4) same problem in either port 1/2.

    Now the fun part, some random chinese 3rd party reproduction in the 2010-ish era controllers work perfectly fine in either port.( they feel disguistingly nasty though)

    It can't be a coincendce that all 4 controllers stopped working same time. anyways any suggestions or help apart from, just replacing the snes ports?

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    I would check the ribbons, connections and soldering joints to make sure theres no issue. Also I would open all snes controllers and clean them out. There has been lots of rainstorms in the past few weeks and that alone in some households is enough to mess with the pcb contact materials.

    First I would check the cables on the controllers. If sound, move onto the connectors, after that it's time to open up and clean everything for me.

    The new plastics inside of the new controllers might work better since they are new and have a better moisture barrier than that of 20+ year old controllers. I have in a few instances had to replace the contact pads from the 4 buttons on my snes controllers and even 1 set on my nes controller. when I looked at them they had whitish grey spots on the pcb where the contact should be made. I was moisture. That is when I kept my games in a basement in the farmhouse I grew up in. now it's not an issue.

    Good luck those 3rd party controllers can be such a bummer.

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