I hate posting on any forum in a self-promoting manner, and the info is already in my signature, but I'm hoping at least a person or two who is familiar with these charity game marathons checks out what we're doing.

May 22 starting at 6:00 PM EDT, we will go live at www.adultmarathonforkids.org, playing games, drinking beer, and interacting with the live Twitch chat room to raise money for a great cause. If you're not familiar, Child's Play Charity raises money to provide books, toys, and games for kids who are met with the unfortunate circumstance of a lengthy hospital stay.

We're not the first, we certainly won't be the last, and we're probably among the worst players ever. Hell, nobody really even practiced. However, we're going to be having fun and encourage anyone who's interested to join us for our live stream from May 22-24.

Oh, yeah, we're also giving away prizes to folks who donate. Among others, we've got:

- Retron 3
- Intellivision Flashback
- Sega Genesis @Games Console
- An awesome, one-of-a-kind set of video game themed glasses from Rolf Glass (these were custom made just for us)
- Various plushies, an Amiibo or two
- T shirts

Since it's our first rodeo, chances of winning something are pretty stellar. We have very good prizes for what we think is a modest fundraising goal. Hopefully you'll join us. Prizes will be announced in the stream. If you're not sure what we're giving away or when, simply ask us in the chat. It's going to be pretty freewheeling and laid back. Hope to see some of you there!