Hi! I'm selling a Game Boy Light silver, two GBA SP units and a GBA Movie player. Al payments must be USPS Money Order only. Shipping is $3 and $1.25 for each additional item. International shipping and insurance and tracking are more.

[images in this link due to formating issues with this site]

1. Game Boy Light Silver. Looking for $75 or offer
Works almost perfectly. The only problem is that the volume potentiometer is a little finicky. There are some paint chips here and there. Here are some pictures of the unit:

2. GBA SP Onyx black
a few dead pixels and scuffs but it works flawlessly

3. GBA SP Silver. Shoulder buttons feel awkward but they are responsive without flaws.

4. GBA Movie player. Untested. Should work. I don't have th proper memory card.

also have tons of 3ds games and store kiosks such as Zelda OOT 3d, Star Fox, and a few others. Also, have a Pokemon Red, Green and Blue soundtrack from Japan if there is any interest in that let me know.