I'm in the process of helping a friend repair an Xbox that was softmodded and now has an error code 16 (clock reset loop). Managed to find the EEPROM info from the backup on the HDD (he didn't have it backed up to a PC) by hotswapping it into my chipped Xbox.

Used that password with Xboxhdm 1.9 to unlock the drive and put a fresh file install on. All that's left to do is lock it back but here is where we ran into problems.

On the PC we were using we get an error within Xboxhdm that the drive is frozen and is unable to be locked. No amount of bios setting changes fixes that. Next attempted to run it on another (extremely ancient) Win95/DOS PC and couldn't even get the Linux distro to load properly, probably due to it being a 200mhz Pentium with 64mb of RAM.

Next tried it on my own desktop and ran into an obscure snag. I'm using a USB keyboard due to my PS2 connector being fried (long story, mistakenly stuck an IDE HDD enclosure power supply into it). Due to using a USB keyboard I can't select option 3 for the Linux HDD lock/unlock tool in Xboxhdm. I have to sit and wait for it to timeout and it automatically picks option 1. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't run into the frozen drive issue on this PC but due to having a USB keyboard I can't even select #3 to find out.

The only option I can think of off the top of my head is to find a Windows based lock/unlock tool (running XP on this system) but my searches are coming up empty handed.

Any ideas? Again I do have both the password and the EEPROM file and the HDD is unlocked.