So, I was just surfing the abandonware list on, and ran into shareware Tubes, a puzzle game I played the heck out of on my Pentium 166 back in 2nd grade, but I only had a copy of the shareware version. The only reason why I've never looked for a registered copy is because by the time I was able to make my own money, I forgot who actually made or published the game (developed by Absolute Magic, published by Software Creations), and the only DOS game by the name of Tubes I'd find on the abandonware sites I used to frequent was some kind of racing game or something, and would always crash in DOSBox anyway.
I don't know if there ever was a retail/physical copy of the registered version of Tubes, the puzzle game, and honestly, I don't care. I always hated, hated not being able to finish the game, and my father was too damn cheap to get me the full version. As long as I get the full game in some form or another, I'd be more than happy. Just please be reasonable with the price. After all, it's not like this game is a critical smash or high demand.

Info for the game can be found here: