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    Default Haunted: Halloween '85 - New NES Homebrew

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum! We'd like to start a thread about my new NES game called HAUNTED: Halloween '85. The following is the basic game info, some images and the trailer. Please let me know your feedback, both good and bad, so we can continue to improve and make more NES games.


    Haunted: Halloween '85

    Mission: To save the town of Possum Hollow from the evil haunts that are destroying it.

    Hero: Donny - a 10 year old kid who recently moved to Possum Hollow

    Villian: ???? (Mysteries abound...)

    It's Halloween day in 1985. Donny is late for school and when he finally arrives he finds that the whole place has been destroyed, the adults have vanished and the other kids have been turned into mindless zombies. He must fight his way out of the school to get back home to safety; but is home really safe (cue ominous music)???

    You'll have make your way through six full levels of haunted suburbia and battle unique bosses at the end of each level. Your journey will be tough - palms will sweat, controllers will be broken, language unsuitable for children will be used - but be not afraid, the town of Possum Hollow needs you!

    Game Play:
    Side-scrolling, platforming, beat 'em up action! You basically run around and beat the crap out of everything you see; except the poison pumpkins... avoid the pumpkins... you will hate them.

    Kid Zombies = 4 Hit Points - Mindless wastoids that will pursue you on foot throughout Possum Hollow.

    Killer Crows = 1 Hit Point - Possessed crows that will dive-bomb you from above any time you're outside.

    Ghosts (Class Five Full Roaming Vapors... real nasty ones, too) = 3 Hit Points - They move through any obstacle taking direct aim at you no matter where you try to hide. They like dark places and can seemingly appear out of nowhere.

    Poison Pumpkins = Invincible - Their poison is so potent that you can't touch them and they can't be harmed. They really hate it when you try to jump over them.

    Ghost Hounds (Class Three Vaporous Apparitions) = 1 Hit Point - They attack with lightning speed and are summoned by a higher form of evil. Even though they're not fully formed entities their teeth are real and their bite still hurts.

    There is no HUD or health meter, instead, when you get hit your skin turns greener as you become infected. 4 hits without any candy to sustain you and you'll suffer the same fate as your friends.

    Power Ups:
    Candy Corn will restore 1 hit point
    Candy Bars will restore full health
    If you become infected only some Serum Soda will save you. Collect as much as you can throughout the game, you'll need it.

    Attack Moves:
    Donny is a punching machine! He can run fast, jump high and punch through the ethereal plane to eradicate ghouls, ghosts and specters. Button mashing is encouraged but yield your powers wisely, you will need to learn when to punch, when to mash and when to run.

    A = Jump (hold to jump higher)
    B = Quick Jab (1 damage)
    Down + B = Super Uppercut (4 damage - at the cost of being slow)

    Combos (Mashing the B Button will roll through your combo):
    1st B = Jab (1 damage)
    2nd B = Jab (1 damage)
    3rd B = Straight Punch (2 damage)
    4th B = Uppercut (3 damage)
    Note: Donny can turn in between punches if you time it right, this skill will come in handy when you're surrounded.

    Air Attack (two punch combo):
    1st B = Jab (1 damage)
    2nd B = Straight Punch (2 damage)
    Note: If you're moving towards an enemy on the ground or in the air your punches will be twice as strong. The Straight Punch in the air is the most lethal move once you learn to use it correctly since it won't slow you down like the Super Uppercut.

    The School - Things might start off easy as you fight your way out of the school but it won't last, bad things happen at dusk
    The Woods - Watch out for crows and jagger bushes, they'll slow you down and whittle away your health
    The Mall - Your favorite place in the 80's, now crawling with packs of snot-nosed, zombie kids searching for a snack
    The Cornfield - This is where the game get's intense, you're skills will be tested and The Twins will be waiting for you
    The Neighborhood - Haunts at every turn; they'll be relentless but be brave
    The Cemetery - Time to face the music...


    Click image for larger version. 

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