Here are some "sweet" videogame-themed gingerbread creations from gingerbread cakes to men to houses... though some are technically castles.

Frankie's gingerbread Mario "? block" cakes:

NES through Wii controllers:

Princess Toadstool's castle:

Pac-Man & ghost monsters:

Honest-to-God covers made of gingerbread, cream, and candy for calculators and Nintendo DS's:

Mega Man (, versus?) Mario:

Tetris (including next piece preview):

L4D2, Zelda's Link, & more:

Super Mario, Pac-Man, Kirby, nVidia, NES, LBP, laptop computer, mobo + add-on cards, classic Mac, L4D, Mega Man's Robot Masters, & more:

God, some of those look delicious! I wish I had someone to make awesome gingerbread things like these for me!