Hello and welcome to Blu's Stuff, a channel that has risen from the ashes more times than the Phoenix. I'm back on the Youtube scene to cover video games, both classic and modern, with the purpose of providing clean, commentary free videos to the gaming community so that they will have something to show a friends or family and not have to listen to a Let's Player rant and rave about his day!

Blu's Stuff; Where audio and visual are top priority

What this channel will contain:
- Longplays
- Boss Battle series
- A Farmer's Guide (complete playthroughs of Harvest Moon games; offering tips and tricks along the way to aid players as a visual guide of sorts)
- Nature and gardening videos; I'm a real big fan of nature and the changes each season brings to it, and I like to take pictures and record videos of those perfect weather days and stuff and upload them. I also love to garden and will be keeping a video journal about my garden in 2016.

But more so than any of these, I'm doing this for myself, because this is a hobby that I've had since childhood where I'd have a whole VHS collection dedicated to one or more games.

Started in 2007, my Youtube channel had at one time more than 3000 videos. However, about four years ago a bill came before congress that would have put anyone uploading video game videos to Youtube - or anyone using copyrighted material in a public space - at risk of a lawsuit, so a lot of my videos came down. Another reason for the disappearance of my videos was simply due to huge issues with video and sound quality (Videos were 320p and below, audio only coming out one side, etc) so they all had to come down.

Fast forward a few years to 2014 and I've come into possession of a new capture device, one that lets me record in high definition. I use this up until the end of April of this year, but was eventually driven insane by how weak my PC was and how I was virtually unable to do anything with it. I sold it off and was pretty ready to hang up that hobby for good... until Christmas. I got myself a new PC; waaaay more powerful than my old one, and for Christmas my parents got me an Elgato Game Capture HD, so now here I am back in the capture business and ready to upload videos once more!

Currently Playing: Breath of Fire (SNES)
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What to expect from Blu's Stuff:

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature - 98% Completion Run

Final Fantasy VII Boss Run w/Starting Weapons