Hiya guys! I got my Super famicom and Super nintendo both set up nicely in my TV shelf. Prior to this set up, I was using the upstairs tv temporarily and everything was working great. The SNES and SF were both looking great, having no difficulties with sound and reading carts.

So when I moved them downstairs to my game room, the super famicom's image is skipping whenever something loads up on the screen. ( title screen, next screen after a transition)

So I tried changing its AV cables from the input 1 with input 2, and it still did it. I tried putting it in the component port and it was all black and white, with no screen skipping.
The SNES is having no issues whatsoever with its new home, no skipping or problems at all.

What could be wrong?!
Is it the tv? Maybe no compatible or something?

I was going to plug it in through a switcher box... would that help it?
If anyone else has had this problem, did you find a remedy?