My answer to the topic's title would be "yes," but... with reservations.

I once posted (probably like a thousand years ago) that one reason I got out of emulation was a personal flaw I noticed: When I had thousands of games, I stopped caring about the games proper and more about just acquiring more roms. Even when I did play them, I would usually just play until they began to get difficult then turn them off and move on to a different game. In other words I was no longer able to take the games seriously or get invested in them, whereas when I have a physical copy I DO feel like there's legitimacy and a reason to take it seriously there.

Now, originally I only got on GOG for the free games, but later wound up staying for the cheap games on sale (including some I really wanted, like the Telltale Sam & Max games). I wound up building a decent library, but then later I realized it would be a good idea to download and backup everything I could....

And, well... that was tiring, especially after the manager I was using stopped working due to a firefox update.

But what was worse was I ultimately realized this was putting me in the exact same situation that emulation did: getting fifty games for five dollars is effectively in the same mental headspace as downloading an entire library of Sega Genesis ROMs free, and carries with it the same mental approximations... so I wound up with a lot of games I had no serious intention of playing, or which I played for like five minutes then got bored of almost immediately. In a lot of cases I even forget I have certain games on GOG.

So as time went on I became reluctant to GOG a game unless it was a case of "wanting to play it RIGHT NOW," and instead would rather go to ebay for a physical cart or disc, simply because I'll take those more seriously.