Post is kind of short notice, but I will get photos up as soon as I get home from work. All items are North American releases unless otherwise noted. Prices include shipping. Not looking to trade. Reasonable offers will be entertained. Only ever sold here once, but feedback thread is here:

Commodore 64 Computer
Decent shape, original box (a bit beat up but no worse than most of what you see on eBay). Works. No extras. Comes with hookups. $100 shipped

Atari 800XL
Same description as the C64. $100 shipped

Panasonic 3Do Real FZ-10 Console w/ Several Games
One controller, no box. All games in jewel cases (will have the list when I get home, but there are about 10 titles). Works. Comes w/ hookups. $150 shipped.

TurboGrafx 16 Console w/ Keith Courage and Alien Crush HuCards (Loose)
One controller, no box, Works. Comes w/ hookups. $150 shipped.

Sega Master System Console w/ Several Games
One controller, light phaser, several games (some CIB, some loose - listing coming this afternoon). Works. Comes w/ RF Switch and power adapter. $140 shipped.

Mattel Intellivision Console
No extras, maybe a game or two. Works. Comes w/ hookups and keypads. Works. $50 shipped.