Congrats Aussie! I remember my first wife having quite the time when my first child was born. She didn't get a lot of time to do much as she had to constantly pump as our daughter wasn't able to breast feed. About the only things she did was go on Facebook and maybe get a chance with the DS with some Animal Crossing: Wild World. I did pretty much everything in the house before my daughter was born (one of the big reasons why she is an ex, but that's another story), so what free time I had was gone as I took care of things at night as I was a night owl, so I somewhat know the feeling. My son with my second wife was another story as we pretty much had a village in the house to take care of a lot of things. My wife had to go back to work in a week, so that was not fun for her as she was no where near done healing.

Game wise I've been definitely seen what all the "fus" was about with Skyrim. I figured out how to get my game saves manually, so I was able to continue my adventure. I'm on my way to the place at the top of "7,000 steps" to visit the Greybeards. On my travels I stumbled across a cave with a bunch of bandits living in it. I didn't try talking to them as the guard pulled a weapon on me, so it's been no-holds-barred through the whole romp. I have the ability to "zoom" with my bow (at the cost of stamina) so my guy is becoming a regular ebony Legolas. I was able to play a bit that night as my wife and second eldest watched "Phantom of the Opera" on YouTube. One of my older step sons was watching me nail bandits from a distance, with him chuckling behind me when I sent one flying over a railing down a waterfall and then the other plopping to the floor as he looked for his buddy.

Once I was done there, I traveled more and found a troll, which I remembered from D&D I needed to use fire to slow its regeneration. I got up to the town Ivarstead and finished the Barrow mission, which was pretty clever theme wise. Going through that place I picked up a lot of arrows, which I used to fell a lot of animated Daedric corpses that popped out of their sarcophagi from a distance. I was hidden, so when they were triggered they didn't see me, triggering the 2x damage multiplier. I also have that extra 40% damage perk (I think it is), so thanks to zooming, I pretty much got head shots for most of the targets, dropping them instantly. Only the two zombies on either side pedestal crypts in that room took more arrows to kill. The big bad wasn't bad either as I could pelt him as he got close (though he moved fast for being dead for so long), do a shout and then Lydia jumped in, slammed him with her shield and brought him to his knees. I did the coup de grace and that was that. In the next room I got the "Peace" shout.

Now I just need a dragon to kill....

Tonight the wife works late so I'll hopefully have a chance to continue.