Late last night, I finished off collecting everything in Super Metroid on Super Nintendo. Between my memory of family playing and my own exploring and searching, I found most things. I was just missing one Reserve Tank, a couple Super Missile Tanks, and around six or so regular Missile Tanks. I used a map online to pick off the few entire rooms I had missed, which got me down to just a couple Missile Tanks left. Looking up commonly missed Missile Tanks, I pretty quickly concluded I missed the one in the turtle room, but I had to search all over for the remaining one. It ended up being the one leading up to Kraid. My husband wanted to play, so I let him take the controller and confirm a bunch of them, while I marked them off on a map I printed, so that spared me some of the tedious trial and error of checking, haha. It's not the game's fault, but I gotta say, the worst part of the experience of playing this game was looking these things up online. Not because I feel bad about "cheating" or whatever some may want to call it (I always play games of this style in this way, where I do it on my own until the end and then use outside help to get whatever I missed to get a 100% file), but because the Super Metroid fan community has to be one of the most condescending, elitist fandoms for a retro game I've ever seen. I can understand getting a chuckle out of "y can't metroid crawl?" but a lot of these diehard players talk as if first-time players are idiots if they don't play the game just as well as the speedrunners. Just finding basic info on the game is a challenge because practically everything these days is devoted to speedrunning, sequence breaking, advanced techniques, etc. So I had to wade through a lot of sickening behavior just to find the info I wanted. Anyway, I'm all set to beat the game now, so I should be able to pull it off before the ball drops tonight.