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Thread: SMB Question - Third Area Pointer Data?

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    Default SMB Question - Third Area Pointer Data?

    As I researched the data for why the Minus World can be exploited, somewhere in the enemy object data for the water area of Worlds 2-2 and 7-2, there actually is a third area pointer (for World 3-2) that ultimately never went used as said world was an above-ground level throughout.

    This enemy object data is here:
    .db $0f, $01, $2e, $25, $2b, "$2e, $25, $4b," $4e, $25, $cb, $6b, $07
    .db $97, $47, $e9, $87, $47, $c7, $7a, $07, $d6, $c7
    .db $78, $07, $38, $87, $ab, $47, $e3, $07, $9b, $87
    .db $0f, $09, $68, $47, $db, $c7, $3b, $c7
    .db $ff
    Quoted text indicates where the unused World 3-2 pointer is.

    I wonder if it is possible to remove these three bytes from the code without problems?

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