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Thread: Xbox - NTSC-U/C and NTSC-J Lists

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    Im trying to come up with a comprehensive list of Xbox games with no repeating titles or platinum hits and its proving to be more difficult than I imagined. Most would agree that Morrowind GOTY should be an additional title on the list but what about NFS Most Wanted Black Edition? Same exact game but a few new cars and vinyls. I wouldnt include True Crime New York Collectors Edition because that just has an additional disc. What about Major League Baseball 2K5 World Series Edition? Same game basically, released later in the year but minor differences. And if I dont include that, shouldnt I not include all the yearly sports games since its basically the same game every year but with updated rosters?

    Then there is Fable the Lost Chapters and Ninja Gaiden Black. Most would say those are seperate titles, but why seperate those but not Need For Speed Black Edition?

    All this makes me remember why I made the list with every variant to begin with. The comprehensive list I am looking at is at 871 right now. I also dont know I should include Outlaw Red Hot or the Outlaw Xmas games because they werent really full releases.

    I know the response will likely be "youre thinking too hard about this" but for collector purposes or cataloging purposes, its pretty damn confusing
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    In regards to Ninja Gaiden Black- there's so much stuff added that you practically get another game. With the enhanced DLC (tweaked with like 50 missions) and an alternate game mode for those not ninja enough to play it normally, it ranks in my eyes as an additional title.

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