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Thread: Ogre Battle 64

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    Default Ogre Battle 64

    Hello everyone,

    I am an avid fan of the SNES version of Ogre Battle. I've also loved Tactics Ogre, though it's a completely different type of game. I have always been intrigued about Ogre Battle 64 because it was back to the original with additional classes, new game mechanics, and a continuation of the story. Well I finally got my hands on a cartridge and tried it out this week. It's so weird, but even though there is more complicated mechanics, it feels like a dumbed down version of SNES Ogre Battle. I'll be honest, I'm only 3 levels in, but I felt the game got quite epic on SNES by that point and here I am still pettling 6 units in a battlefield where half of the towns are already mine, one is neutral, and there are about 5-6 enemy units to deal with. I just don't get it. Should I stick it out? Does it get more interesting? I have to say, the story seems more intriguing, almost like the FFT types of plot twists. I'm also really excited about the "undead" class because of how each unit progresses rather than just having to get each one individually. Thoughts?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeychemist View Post
    It's so weird,
    Yeah, when I played it thats exactly how I felt.
    I love the SNES/PS1 ogre battle games, but when I played the N64 ogre battle I gave up almost instantly.

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    64 was my introduction to the series, and my departure.
    I played probably less than a dozen hours and it seemed absurdly slow and boring.
    Shining Force CD, Dragon Force, and Saiyuki: Journey West are my points of reference for strategy games, I've not finished any others.

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