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Thread: Having trouble with a Vectrex

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    Default Having trouble with a Vectrex

    Ok so I'm working on this Vectrex & I've tried just about everything & looking for a bit more direction.
    So the issue is the Vectors are dull & all condensed to the bottom corner of the screen. They do react with the game but obviously not correctly. Adjusting R333 & R335 don't do much & R302 does a lot. When turned all the way to one side they completely disappear, as you turn it to the other they comeback all collapsed & as adjusting it further they explode & blow up over the whole screen & are super bright then you keep turning it & it completely shuts off. So my next step is replacing this.
    I've done a full recap, both the regular caps & the integrator caps. No change.
    I have another working Vectrex & started swapping out parts. I swapped in the working power board, no change, swapped the transformer, no change, but when I swap the CPU board the problem is corrected so I know it's on the CPU board. I swapped all the socketed chips to see if it was one of those that went bad & no dice. The only ones I did not swap was the RAM (IC204 & IC205) because they are socketed on one board set & not the other, I did switch them on the problem board but no change. I also did not swap IC202 or IC203 I know those usually have to do with cartridge reading as well. As I type this I don't recall ever trying a cartridge in there, which I will tomorrow. I also did not swap the CPU at IC206.

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    it sounds like to me that there is a broken trace some where on the cpu board. i'd start taking a continuity test of the socketed chips and work your way out from there.
    i've not had this problem with my Vectrex but as your process of elimination thats where it seems to be heading.

    good job on narrowing it down by the way. i know thats a lot of work to put into a system to still not have it work but it'll be worth it in the end

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