Sometimes, I really hate what Nintendo, etc. get passed in Japan. First it was the banning of renting video games in the 1980's ("It'll destroy the market!" they cried.) and now it is the outlawing of the following:

  • Distributing tools and programs for altering save data
  • Offering services that modify save data on the customer's behalf
  • Selling serial numbers or product keys that are unauthorized by the maker of the software in online auctions
The last one about product keys I can understand, but banishing those other two is a very bad thing! If nothing else, imagine the legal precedent that this law sets. Corporations could basically argue that any program / app that they don't like which could be used to edit their proprietary file / data formats is now illegal! Actually this might also apply to common and open formats too...

The retribution for such now-illegal activities ranges from civil claims for damages to criminal fines of up to $45,000 USD equivalent, up to five years in prison, or both.

Thus products like the Pro Action Replay, Cyber Save Editor, etc. have been discontinued and outlawed there starting this year.