My all-time favorite gaming memories were with the C64 in the late 80s. I sold my Commodore 64 around 1991 for an Amiga 500 but the fondness for the C64 never went away. Recently I got the itch to play some of those classic games I first played on the C64 so I fired up my Retroarch with its libretto Vice x64 3.0 core and loaded up some disk images. Wow, was I looking through the past through rose colored lenses? The color palette on the C64 looked almost unbearably dull and ugly. How could this be? I wondered. Since I played all my old games on a CRT back then, and I now use a 42" big screen Vizio LCD I'm wondering if that's the issue. But then I realized that all my other 8-bit Retroarch emus are very vivid and colorful, like the Sega & SNES cores, so that can't be the issue. Btw, I do use a decent CRT shader (CRT-easymode) for Vice. Maybe there's an alternative external color palette I can configure but I'm just disappointed that my all-time favorite computer looks like ass in emulation. Thoughts?