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Thread: To Open or not to open... Chrono Trigger DS

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    Default To Open or not to open... Chrono Trigger DS

    I recently scored a great deal from a buddy for Chrono Trigger DS, still shrink-wrapped!
    I'm torn between opening it to play it, and keeping it wrapped as a collection item. I was thinking I'd see if I could find a cheap cart only sale, but still, can't seem to find a good deal on it. I was also thinking I might find it in the 2DS store, but I'm not sure it's there.

    What are your thoughts? I've played the SNES version with an emulator and almost beat it. But I'd like to have it on my 2DS in some form.

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    It looks like the supply has finally dried up, but it was available on Amazon for years for cheap (like $20-$25). So the DS version probably isn't particularly rare and likely won't ever pull values like the SNES original. I also wouldn't be surprised if Square Enix does another physical release for one platform or another in the future. I only have Chrono Trigger on SNES, but if I had a sealed DS copy, I would just open it.

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    Personally I would keep it sealed and just buy a used copy. You can sell the sealed copy for more than it costs for a used one.

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    Whatever you want to do. I'm not a sealed collector and Chrono Trigger is a good game, so if you plan on keeping it in your collection and not keeping it just to sell it, then open it if you want.

    I've actually just opened it myself to play coincidentally. Haven't got very far yet, just the very beginning when you go back into time the first time through, saved the queen, saved on the world map outside. So I'll tell you my experience.

    Now the plus side, unlike most games on the DS because the resolution, the game isn't zoomed in on your characters nuts. Now the game itself looks fine, but with the smaller screen and the resolution, the text is much harder to read. Maybe there should have been an option to increase text size for bigger visibility because there's plenty of other options.

    The plus side is this game gives you the classic battle system or the new DS battle system. I feel that the DS battle system is worse because your characters and all the interaction is going up on top while the commands and statistics are at the bottom. Despite all that screen size it's still difficult to read and just like Final Fantasy 4 DS, the design for the dual screen menu is just poorly done. Now change it to classic and the bottom screen isn't used for combat and it is the exact same as the SNES game making combat just a much better experience.

    When it comes to outside of combat, I'm not digging the UI. There's completely new icons and the menu doesn't look as good as it does in the original game. It's fine, it's just different, but I feel that they could have done a better job. Theres no way to change the UI to the original.

    Now bonus mode is really cool. Now the plus side about the DS version over the PS1 version, the only two games that have the bonus mode is the DS version has better loading times. Before combat there's a delay on the PS1 version, whenever opening and closing the menu there's a delay, and there's a delay when entering towns and dungeons. The bonus mode on the DS version is identical to that of the PS1 version and the same movies are in game as well. One additional feature the PS1 bonus mode has though is that whenever you are going through the items within the game and you click on an item, it tells you each and every location the item can be acquired, clicking on the location brings up a map of that location. The PS1 version has an in game map for nearly every single map in the entire game which is pretty cool. Pretty much a complete digital strategy guide within the game. The DS version has everything else, but no longer has the ability to pull up any of the maps.
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