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Thread: Pics of your collection

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    Default Pics of your collection

    I didn't see a post on this, so I thought I'd start one. Post your collection! I'd like to get some pics of my collection, but I'm re-organizing. Wanna post your collection? I could use some inspiration!

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    I'm too lazy to take photos of everything, but since I made a topic a long while back about shopping for shelving units for games in regular jewel cases and similarly shaped stuff and never posted any update on what I went with, here's my much-loved built-to-order wood CD tower:

    If I remember correctly, it can hold 800 regular jewel cases, but obviously fewer things when I got games in cardboard boxes and plastic cases and such on there. But it's enough room to hold everything I want on there with room to spare (I'll just move the various odds and ends at the bottom elsewhere when and if needed). This has almost all of the CIB games I have for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DS, Virtual Boy, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Game Gear. It's all of my 3DS, Wonderswan, GP32, TG-16/PC Engine, and Dreamcast games period. It's most of my PS1 collection, minus longboxes and a couple LEs, and my PC-FX longboxes are elsewhere too.
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    There used to be a section of this website for pictures of members collections or "Rooms of Doom" if you will.

    Just found the link

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    People can post their gaming pics at [ ] like the profuse poster of photos, Tom. [ ] is the current home of the Room of Doom. [ ] links to that as well as the older collections of the Room of Doom. The reason for the new address is that the old software, Gallery2, just wouldn't run anymore on modern PHP without a lot of manual rewriting of the code so it was considered too much work to update the old software. That's why the new Room of Doom is "powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery." I encourage everyone to upload photographs of their gaming collections to the Room of Doom!

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