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Thread: Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia

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    Default Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia

    I have so many questions. I mean, who saw this coming!?!?

    It's been what? 20 years since the original? When I saw this I was excited about the possibility of a sequel (on the Switch no less), but was not getting my hopes up. Especially seeing how the last two Langrisser remakes turned out/are turning out, IMO.

    Then I read about the people involved and almost had a heart attack! Kenji Terada that helped with the first few Final Fantasy games and most importantly DARK WIZARD! Art and character designes by Raita Kazama who worked on Xenoblade Chronicles, and Tenpei Sato The original composer for Brigandine!!!

    Honestly they had me at Kenji Terada seeing as how Dark Wizard is one of my favorite games ever. This appears to be a serious effort and not some shovel ware release playing off our nostalgia for a quick buck.

    I hand't seen much on this yet so hopefully it will put a smile on Kupo's and Natty's face as much as it did mine!

    Edit: Link to the trailer!
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