I understand not wanting wired controllers, 4:3, and standard definition games, but besides maintaining the servers for new games so you can play online multiplayer, I dont see the point in anything beyond 7th gen PC games, PS3, 360, and Wii U, given they all are HD, widescreen, with wireless controllers. the systems are so plentiful that even if yours breaks, you can find a replacement for $50-100.

The libraries for the three consoles are massive and trying to complete (or even 100%) them all would take multiple lifetimes. The games from that generation are much cheaper as well, arguably the cheapest out of any generation. My point with all this is the very premise of needing to buy a game because it fulfills a demand. This demand was met every generation until going from 7th to 8th gen.

The only other factors I can understand are slightly better controllers and the convenience of being able to download titles for legacy systems via PSN, XBL, or Virtual Console.

Are there fantastic games on 8th gen consoles? yeah Im sure there are. but there are hundreds of great games on the old systems too that cost a fraction of the price. economically none of it makes sense to me

I believe we have plateaued now with video games as we already have with cell phones, and televisions. theres really not much that they can do that hasnt been done or that people are dying for them to implement. and the things they do try to implement are often seen as gimmicks. 3D movies, phones that can bend, curved TV screens.

I think instead of trying to improve the technology, they should put more focus on creating titles that will be considered timelss, independent of internet connections, games that people will be talking about for decades to come. I feel nothing has come out since Halo that was up there as being a revolutionary game.