Is there any particular reason why the Game Boy cartridge batteries dont seem to last as long as other consoles'? Ive had to replace the CR1616s in a number of carts. I checked the voltage on my Game and Watch Gallery 2 batt and its somehow still keeping my save file intact even though it is well below 3 volts. its gonna be a bitch to try and get my old scores back on that one so Im really not trying to lose the data. I see there is a way to keep the data intact while doing the swap but Id rather just get the Retrode adapter.

Pokemon is another game where if my save file crashes I am going to be pissed. not because I have a 100% save file but just because zi find the game so time consuming and to get back to where I am will take a bit. especially the first 30 minutes where you are forced to read all the dialogue and watch how the game is played