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Thread: Share your pickup loot and finds

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    On Thursday, May 30 2024, I had quite a day. My wallet was just wide enough, too. It doesn't look very impressive for the first 2 finds.

    1st Games Purchase:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Late May Find 1.jpg 
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Size:	132.5 KB 
ID:	11144

    Various Sonic Figures - $1
    Bootleg Game Boy with NES & Famicom Games - $1

    The handheld's battery's dead, but it works. Its quality's not too bad, either; the buttons seem responsive. I can see myself playing Contra on it, since I have a copy.

    2nd Games Purchase:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Late May Find 2.jpg 
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Size:	129.0 KB 
ID:	11145

    I paid $2 for this lot.

    Nintendo DS games:

    18 Classic Card Games (with case and manual, but the case plastic's broken on the side)
    Solitaire Overload (with case and manual)
    Sega Casino (with case)
    Sega Casino (with case and manual and other booklet)

    3rd Games Purchase [the big star here:]

    This lot (there are many photos) was $200.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Late May Find 3 (part 1).jpg 
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Size:	126.4 KB 
ID:	11146

    Pics 1, 2, and 3 with the Super NES & Genesis:


    Loose Games:

    Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
    Ken Griffey Jr. Presents major League Baseball
    Madden NFL 94
    NHL Stanley Cup
    Ryne Sandberg plays Super Bases Loaded
    P.T.O. II
    Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
    Super Return of the Jedi
    WWF Super Wrestlemania
    WF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

    Games with and Manual (unless otherwise noted.)

    Contra III: The Alien Wars (no manual.)
    NCAA Basketball
    Tecmo Super Bowl (with Tecmo Super Bowl paper that shows off teams and helmets.)
    Spider-man X-Men Arcade's Revenge (with game poster/ad for other Nintendo games.)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Late May Find 3 (part 4).jpg 
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Size:	133.0 KB 
ID:	11149

    The Super NES wasn't in the box - instead, I found a N64 and copies of both Banjo Kazooie, and 007 Goldeneye.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Late May Find 3 (part 5).jpg 
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Size:	124.9 KB 
ID:	11150

    There's evidence that the previous owner may have had a Sega CD. It's not pictured, but there's a SCD Metal Clip on the bottom, and the EXT Port Door is missing.

    Sega Genesis:

    1991? Sega Genesis 1 Console (Sonic pack) - This is a "High Definition Graphics" version with the EXT port, but it's still the later BIOS version.

    Inside the box:

    Console's missing the manual.
    Red background button controller (with a break in the cord casing,)
    Genesis 1 Power Adapter
    Genesis 1 / Master System Coax Cable
    Genesis 1 mixing cable
    New SEGA brand Coaxial RF to Coaxial Pitchfork adapter
    New SEGA brand Pitchfork to RF adapter (for reasons I'm uncertain about.)
    Sonic 1 ("not for resale") in Box with Manual
    Advertisement for different Genesis items

    Again; console is missing the Sega CD Door, and has the Sega CD metal clip on the bottom, so there's a good chance I'll find a Sega CD at the same house.

    I also got 2 other controllers with it:

    1 extra Red Button "3 button" controller
    1 SG "Pro-pad 6" 6 Button Controller

    Genesis Games:

    Loose ones:

    John Madden Football
    NBA Action 95 Starring David Robinson
    Phantasy Star II
    Star Trek: The NExt Generation

    With Box and Manual (unless otherwise noted: )

    Mario Lemieux Hockey
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Super Off Road (with unusual cardboard box.)
    Spider-Man (no manual)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Late May Find 3 (part 8).jpg 
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Size:	128.5 KB 
ID:	11154


    Loose Titles:

    Shinobi (Tengen cart)
    World Class Track Meet (with anti-dust sleeve.)

    With Box, Manual, Styrofoam, and Anti-Dust Sleeve (if not a Tengen cart, or unless otherwise marked: )

    After Burner (Tengen)
    Bionic Commando
    Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (manual's dog-earred)
    Cobra Command
    Double Dragon II (still has the registration card, the plastic that the box would hang on, and a K-Mart price tag of $44.97.)
    Jackal (with two other cards)
    Megaman 3 (no manual)
    NFL / National Football League
    NES Play Action Football (also has the 4 player play card.)
    Platoon (with the text on the box going the wrong way, so the box has to be upside-down no matter which side it's on, ugh)
    P.O.W. Prisoners of War
    R.B.I. Baseball 2 (Tengen)
    Rolling Thunder (Tengen, with paper anti-dust sleeve)
    Silent Service (manual is dog earred)
    Sky Shark
    Street Cop
    Tecmo Super Bowl (manuals' dog earred more than others and the anti-dust sleeve has more finger oils on it than others, I guess he played this one a lot.)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (box is a bit squished, and the manua's worn.)
    Thundercade (manual's dog earred.)
    WWF WrestleMania Challenge
    Wizards & Warriors

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Late May Find 3 (part 8).jpg 
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Size:	125.6 KB 
ID:	11153

    This pic's a mish-mash.

    Atari Controller: Spectravideo 318-101 Joystick Controller (not sure what this is to, was it for the Commodore 64?)

    Commodore 64 Games (with box and manual, and other things where noted.)

    Ikari Warriors (Floppy. Also with various papers including a "please note this C64 version is a 1 player game only" card.)
    Jupiter Lander (Cartridge.)
    RoboCop (Floppy. Manual's worn. Also has other various advertisement papers for other games, and has the back ends of 2 boxes for other C64 titles inside, though those are cut up. Those two titles are 2 packs.)

    Coleco Telestar Marksman Pong Console

    Game Boy Color System (Translucent Purple)
    All-Star Baseball 2000 (GBC, Loose)
    NBA Jam 99 (Loose, with anti-dust case)
    R-Type DS (GB, Loose)
    Other Companies:

    Nintendo 64 with Power Cord + Banjo Kazooie + 007 Goldeneye (the games are in a different photo.)

    Sega Dreamcast:

    OEM Controller
    Performance Astropad Controller
    Performance Memory Card
    Sega Sports NFL 2k (Box and Manual only)
    Generator Vol. 1 (Demo disc, was in the NFL 2k case)
    Sega Sports NHL 2k (With Box and Manual)

    Sony Playstation 1:

    4 Player Adapter
    Official Memory Card
    Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Loose, was in the case for Madden)
    Madden NFL 2000 Case (no manual)
    Metal Gear Solid (with Box)

    Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro (New, in opened box) - Still has an Electronics Boutique Price Tag on it. This was designed for Windows 95.


    So in total for this 3rd lot, I'm a bit surprised that not everything the previous owner bought was in the lot. There's evidence of a NES, a Sega CD, a Super NES (I got the box,) maybe a N64 system box, maybe a Saturn (but I'm stretching it on that,) a Playstation 1, and a Dreamcast.

    I might not have bought this next lot if everything was in the 3rd lot, though.

    4th Games Purchase:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Late May Find 4.jpg 
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Size:	125.3 KB 
ID:	11152

    Nintendo NES, 2 Controllers, 1 Zapper, Power and RF Cords
    Control Deck Manual
    Zapper Manual

    Blaster Master (with Box, Manual, Anti-Dust Sleeve, and Styrofoam)
    R.B.I. Baseball (with Box, Manual, Anti-Dust Sleeve, and Styrofoam)
    Pinball (with Box, Manual, Anti-Dust Sleeve, and Styrofoam)
    Pac-Man (Tengen) (with Box, Manual, Anti-Dust Paper Sleeve, and Styrofoam)
    Top Gun (with some shrinkwrap still on the bottom end) (with Box, Manual, Romstar Newsletter Card, Anti-Dust Sleeve, and Styrofoam)
    Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (with anti-dust sleeve.) (not pictured here, I put it in "Find 3" photos by mistake.)
    NES Cleaning Kit (Brand New, sealed)

    I think there was probably also a copy of SMB / Duck Hunt with the manual, but I accidentally put it in the photos with the other lot.

    This last lot was $100. It was still well worth it, but not as much as the previous lot which I'll post more photos of in a bit.


    Other items not pictured:

    Harry Potter Sorting Hat - $1
    Harry Potter Wand - $1
    Harry Potter DVD Wand - $1
    PS1 Memory Card (belongs in the 3rd lot)
    Old Moldy Washboard - $3 (so I may make a guitar out of it.)

    - Austin
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	6 13 Edit.jpg 
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ID:	11143

    Yard Sale Find for Thursday, June 13, 2024:

    NES Console, 1 Controller, Power Adapter

    Official Nintendo Game Cartridges Case, Leather, with Gold-ish Nintendo Logo

    Barker Bill's Track Shooting (with Manual)
    Bases Loaded II
    Ice Hockey
    R. C. Pro-Am (with Manual)
    Pinball (with Manual)
    Tetris (with Manual)
    Super Mario Bros / World Class Track Meet / Duck Hunt
    The Untouchables (with Manual)
    Wheel of Fortune Family Edition (with Manual)

    $10 total.

    (Also, I have to edit my previous post, the photos were off-site, and they died.)

    - Austin

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    I stopped by a local retro toy store as I was in the mood for some old comic books. I've been reading the recent Iron Man comics and I've been a bit disenchanted with it. I went back to the first volume and got some issues in the early 200's along with a few issues of ROM for about $20. As I was leaving, I walked past one of their game cabinets (which was revamped, along with the rest of the store) and they finally have their loose 2600 games out. In there I saw a copy of Pitfall 2. I hastily sold my copy a couple years ago in my "hasty sale to make room" phase, which I regretted. I am thinking of getting a 2600+ and that likes using real cartridges, so I got this loosey goosey for $25. Not a huge steal but better than the 'Bay.

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