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Thread: Got questions on Flashcarts, Softmods, RGB, etc.?

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    Default Got questions on Flashcarts, Softmods, RGB, etc.?

    So I have to be honest, I'm not much of a "modern gamer." I like to stick to the classics, and lately most of my interest has been on the hacking/homebrew end. In particular hardware, and more specifically, mods. I love the modding scene which has hit nearly every classic system with flash carts, multi-carts, ODE drive replacements, etc., which allow you to play the entire library of a game system on original hardware. Similarly, many homebrewers and retailers have come about to give gamers a shot at displaying in RGB or Component or even HDMI video. I guess my question is, does anyone here feel like talking about any of those? Have any questions? I'm pretty well versed in what's going on, and there's a lot of discussion on other forums. I'm just trying to think of something I can participate in on this forum. Otherwise, I don't really have much to dive into.

    My favorite blog to follow is RetroRGB where Bob covers basically everything in this realm. My favorite shop to buy from is Stone Age Gamer

    Here's a few of the active and cutting edge projects that have just come out or will soon:

    HD Retrovision - I simply cannot say enough about these cables! They are flawless, and with adapters they can work on so many classic systems, converting and outputting component video. I have the SNES and Genesis ones, plus the adapters for the Saturn, PS1, etc. I even bought an adapter on AtariAge to use them on the Jaguar! A Dreamcast cable is finally coming Q2 2020. Then they will move into the HDMI realm.

    Insurrection Industries - They are makers of great RGB SCART cables as well as the Gamecube HDMI and Component cable replacements.

    OSSC Pro - I don't know when this will come out, but the next step in the fantastic open source scan converter is close in hand. The OSSC can be found for about $150, and it takes RGB Scart, VGA, and component input, while upscaling to HDMI. The results are great, with little lag, and has become the de facto standard since the Framemeister was discontinued. The Pro will do all that and more, plus it will input HDMI and have the option to installed daughter boards that could input Composite/S-Video.
    Original discounted

    Retrotink 2/Pro - Mike Chi has new products lined up. The Retrotink is an affordable way to convert SD sources into HD output.

    Retro Modding - Are you looking to replace hand held LCD screens? Or just buying one made to order? This website has a ton of options for the various Game Boy lines plus more.

    Console 5 - They've got many LCD options and kits as well.

    GC Loader - This is a drive replacement for the Gamecube, but it sports amazing compatibility and speed. The next batches Thursday 10AM EST will also be solderless! Price around $90
    Dan’s (US-Based) Store:
    EU-Based Pre-orders:

    SP2SD2 - If you want something cheap, for about $15 you can get a small reader that inserts into the SD2 serial port on the bottom of most Gamecubes. Along with Action Replay, this is a better way to use a SDHC or SDXC memory card, as that program doesn't read them as is. For both devices you can use SWISS to load games, it's excellent.

    Jaguar, Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket Color Game Drives - The Saint aka RetroHQ UK has been the first to tackle the Lynx and NGPC with full menu-driven flashes, while also hitting up the Atari Jaguar. He recently paused production so that he could focus on establishing 3rd party outsourced production and distribution. I'd expect his products to be available again in a few months. His renamed Game Drives are top notch!

    Krikzz SD2SNES Pro, Everdrive N8 Pro, Mega Everdrive Pro - The Everdrive master at has recently upgraded his offerings on several systems. The SD2SNES Pro came about because the chips were out of production, but the new version should allow for fuller save states. ALL SNES special chips are now working on both the Pro and the former. Due to SD copyright, the name changed to the FX Pak Pro. The Nintendo NES N8 also has gone Pro, sporting more hardware that could possibly allow for additional mapper support. Lastly, the Megadrive will also have a Pro coming, so that Krikzz can match what the Mega SD has done, by supporting the Sega CD and more.

    Terra Onion Mega SD, SS3, NeoSD - Terra Onion have easily the most expensive options out there at Their Neo Geo devices are big money, with the new NeoSD Pro capable of running Neo CD games as well. The MegaSD is a great device, and supports Genesis, SegaCD, Master System, etc. The SS3 aka Super SD System 3 runs every PC Engine/TurboGrafx card and CD game!

    Furrtek Neo Geo SD Loader - French designer has developed an easy to install loader for the Neo CD system, that does not cost an arm and a leg. He also had a way to tap the AV from the Virtual Boy, which is being sold here

    PSIO and DCIO - The PSIO team has had their Playstation device available for quite some time. It does require a small PCB to be soldered into the mainboard, but the team is really good about updating firmware and they are finally getting a handle on CUE/BIN CD audio synching. They continue to develop for the Dreamcast as well, though it's in prototype stage.

    Kevin Mellott HyperFlash32 - Kevin's Virtual Boy cart is single load via PC USB and available here He was working on a true multi-cart but stopped, however he says it's still on the docket.

    USB Controllers 3DO Dreamcast - The notoriously cantankerous MNEMO makes them. They both work flawlessly though installation is not plug n play completely. He says his Dreamcast device only has a stock of 85 remaining.

    Saturn Fenrir - A new Saturn drive replacement is here, and working on the 20-pin model with the 21 being worked on. Unlike the infamous Rhea or Phoebe devices, that are impossible to get from the developer, this one should be produced at a fair rate and price.

    Saturn Satiator - This device from Prof Abrasive has been in development for YEARS, but it's finally in BETA. It will be mass produced and shall be PnP using the VCD slot.

    Harmony Atari 2600 - The industry standard is still available from batari and Atari Age.

    Atarimax for Colecovision, Atari 5200 - The SD carts are still the only ones for those systems and work great!

    LTO FLash - The Intellivision cart is out of print, but keep checking here because he's supposed to do some more.

    AtGames Atari Flashback - Here's a great thread on AA ( for modding the Atari Flashback 9 and X (eventually) with roms and artwork.

    AtGames Arcade Legends - Similar thread for adding games and artwork to the Legends device (
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