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Japanese castlevania 3 of course runs on a custom mapper for that extra sound channel.So even i can hear difference and i have a copy of the game as well.U.S,CV3 music is so muted while JPN sounds more crisp and clear to me.
To me it sounds like there is another sound channel. Ive listened to the CastleVania 3 soundtrack alot in my car, so when I hear the US nes cart version it sounds lacking.
I have an original power pack and it doesnt play famicom games that utilize that chip, but i think there is a mod for them.
Ive had my power pak for maybe like 8 years or so, and put it through some heavy use and it works perfectly every time. I would say that if you dont wanna buy the Pro version, buy a cheap/used flash cart instead; Id guess alot of people will be upgrading once newer flash cart models become available