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Thread: TI-83 Plus calculator games

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    Default TI-83 Plus calculator games

    I thought I made a topic on this before but I dont know what happened to it. Anyways, did anyone else use their graphing calculators to play video games back in the day? What were some of the better games on the system? I remember two games- Tetris and Fall Down. Snake may have been another one.

    I dont remember if I actually owned one or if I just borrowed one from classmates. I love these simple pick up and play games.

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    I loved my TI-83 back in the day. Ion Shell + zTetris + Link Cable was a blast back in High School. Solytare was also solid.

    Those were good times.

    I still play these games every once in a while, albeit on an emulator these days. WabbIT Emu is pretty nice and has some very nicely rendered skins that replicate these calculators perfectly. I also still use the emulator for the occasional calculation just because I'm so familiar with how it works.

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