Some people just like having an opportunity to compensate a developer/publisher/company as thanks for what they did enjoy in the past, even if they expect to dislike the new product. That applies especially if they bought the previous product(s) secondhand or on markdown and thus no or very little cash went to the company for the liked product.

Other people just don't mind taking a risk. I mean, realistically, you can't predict with 100% accuracy that you'll dislike something just based on which company put it out. Even if you've dislike liked many of the prior products, you could always be surprised. I mean, I'll buy just about game developed by tri-Ace. I've been let down by some of their releases, but I still have liked many too. Trying to predict which will be which is pretty much impossible, even if I heavily researched each individual title, which I don't want to do to begin with because time is money too. So I'd rather just spend the money and take my chances versus possibly missing out on some games I'd really love because I made an inaccurate prediction or possibly lose both my time AND money by spending time heavily researching a title, spending the money on it, spending even more of my time playing it, and still not liking it much in the end.