I had some spare parts and spent a few bucks on some others to make an entertainment center PC and i decided to load up a emulator front end and i am looking for some input.
Like maybe i am using the wrong stuff and what have you.

First off system specs:
R5 2600
NOS 120MM AIO from an Alienware ($25 Ebay Shipped)
AsRock B450M Pro4
32Gb DDR4 3200
EVGA GTX 1660 Super
EVGA SFX 450GM Modular PSU
2X Spare 3.5" SSDs (temp till some NVME go on sale)
Chineseium WiFi/Bluetooth PCIe 1x card
Chineseium Cube Case Link (only paid $35 for mine)

The case was much smaller than i imagined, i'll post assembled pics if any one is interested. The size forced me to get a SFX power supply even though a full sized would normally fit

Any way the emulation stuff...
First off this is just for casual stuff when i am out in the main room so i am not diggin out consoles and adapters and such to try to get it to work on a 4k tv with OG hardware. Its going to be used for more than just emulation too.
If i want to do the full experience i'd dig systems and adapters out to use on my PVM or other CRT based displays

I'm using Retroarch in Win10Pro and i started off with PS1. I found a decent core and tweaked it to look ok on a 1080p screen on my main computer (beefier than this^) and all is ok.
I'm using Xbone controllers because the recent ones have bluetooth support and they are natively supported in windows. They are Phantom Black and Phantom Magenta controllers in case any one is curious.

I did try a PS2 game and its a shit show. Even tried it on PCSX2 and its just crap with a lot of the games i tired (most notable Ridge Racer V) so i'll skip it till some thing else for PS2 shows up or these improve
But i am not sure what cores to use for the rest of the disc based systems, I'm thinking of going all the way up to Wii-U and PS3 at their native res on this thing. I'll start with the old and work my way up.

I've also been using the disc dumper from within Retroarch and its working ok. So far after about 20 odd games i've only had 2 not dump (Oddworld and Destruction derby long box) but it makes a huge mess out of the roms folder it dumps them into. its naming convention is strange and its all BIN/CUE, lots of track BINs too. Is there another way i should be doing this or should i just stick with this?

Or am i using the wrong front end all together?
I've never used anything like this before. its OK in terms of ease of use, my only gripe is that some of the options are scattered all over when they should be more all in one spot.