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Thread: Arcade CGA to Component?

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    Default Arcade CGA to Component?

    Is there an adapter that converts the CGA connector from a jamma cable to component?

    I would like to convert that signal so I can connect it to the back of a monitor that has component input.

    I know of component/cga to VGA or even HDMI. This isn't what I'm looking for. I want to covert the below connector to the Red/Green/Blue component portion of a TV or monitor.


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    When you say component, do you mean RGB or YPbPr? The latter is what's typically referred to as component on US video equipment.

    I don't know of any converters, any RGB to component converter would probably work, but the thing to watch out for is the voltage difference. Arcade monitors use a higher voltage for their video signal.

    What I did on my mame cabinet was to inject the VGA signal into the TV's 'on screen display' chip which normally displays the volume, channel #, etc.. This basically turns the TV into an RGB arcade monitor and lets the games run at their native resolution. I've seen people do the same mod to use TVs in an actual arcade cabinet before and the only difference is dealing with the higher voltage.
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    this is one of those tricky ones that i think you'd have to adapt to adapt to get where youd want to go with it.

    The connector looks like Reg Green Blue Ground (black) and Sync (white), i'd take a DMM to it to test to make sure and see what the voltages are across your RGB lines.
    after a quick search it looks like you might have to to go from that CGA to a VGA connector (pin it your self more likely) and then adapt from that VGA to your component. you should be able to test the VGA directly on a computer monitor as long as it isnt picky and wants both horizontal and vertical sync

    This is just off the top of my head though.

    Most monitors/tv's have VGA connectors on them, why wouldnt you go that route?
    nearly directly in, less potential loss of image quality

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