I recently purchased the CopyNES USB board from RetroUSB and installation was going great. However, I hit a snafu though... something silly.

I removed the C8 capacitor and noticed there is no polarity, as many ceramic caps are. The capacitor included with the kit seems like ceramic as well (seems to be a tantalum capacitor), but there is a positive and negative legs/area, like electrolytic. Each side is even labeled as such. The NES board has the cap symbol as no polarity. Does it matter what orientation I place it? Or should I put left side one polarity and the right side the other polarity? Should the positive leg/side of the capacitor be on the right side/hole?

Also, the instructions say to attach a wire from pin 16 to the board. Does it refer to the actual pin contact or the through hole above it?

Thanks again!