The authoer of "Supercade: A Visual History of the Video Game Age 1971-1984", Van Burnham, is raising funds for the next "volume"on Kickstarter. This new book, being released 20 years after the first, will cover video games from 1985 to 2001 with words from Chris Kohler, Brian Crecente (co-founder of Kotaku), Tim Lapetino ("Art of Atari") and others.

If you've never seen the first book, it's best described as a "classic gamer's coffee table book". It's thick, it's huge and has a lot of pictures of games from actual screen shots/cabinet shots to more "artsy" photography. This new book looks like it will clock in at the same size, so if you have the first book, you can balance your table out so it doesn't look like a broken teeter-totter.

As of this posting, it's got 7 days to go and is already funded a bunch of times over.