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Thread: Favorite Game Mods (Modifications, Hacks)

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    Default Favorite Game Mods (Modifications, Hacks)

    What are your favorite game mods? One of the ones worth playing is Newer Super Mario Bros. DS! Got any recommendations?

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    fatboy mod for Unreal Tournament is a classic

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    Marvelmods forum has a mod for the PC Version of X-Men Legends II that converts all brotherhood character members to X-Men that aren't playable in the game. Including Angel and many others. You can also mod the game with individual characters. Similar is available for Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

    Sonic 1 Megamix for Sega CD is great. I like the WIP 4.0 version aka (S1MMU) especially because I played that while the game was under development. I didn't like some of the changes they made after that.

    Of course I also love the translation patches for any Japanese RPGs.

    Sonic Worlds is a customizable 3D Sonic fangame for PC. I think it's great how many characters including obscure ones that are available by default. But like the customizable fighting game Mugen, the fan made stages could use some quality control. Some stages require really high specs while others don't. Same goes for overpowered Mugen characters. Making a balanced game requires excluding those characters or stages who break the game. Who wants to run into an unbeatable character or an unplayable stage?

    I'd like some character mods for the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX. That would be cool to play as other characters in place of Sonic. I've seen it done on youtube but the uploaders didn't share their mod files.
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