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Thread: QR Codes Used within Video Games

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    Default QR Codes Used within Video Games

    What are some examples of computer or video games where QR codes ("2D bar codes") play an important role in the game?

    On a side note, e-cards for Game Boy Advance / GameCube also featured 2D bar code technology, but while these worked in the same fashion (two-dimensional codes optically scanned to transmit data), the e-cards used a different kind of code called "dot code."

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    Tomodachi Life - 3DS -- You could transfer other people's mii characters to your island via QR Code (as opposed to trying to recreate them as close as possible, in-game yourself). I imported Satoru Iwata this way. He ended up marrying Belldandy from the anime "Ah! My Goddess" and they live happily together still to this day.

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