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Thread: Best iOS Games (iPod / iPad / iPhone)

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    Default Best iOS Games (iPod / iPad / iPhone)

    What are the greatest iOS games? What are the "killer exclusives?"

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    The two games that make me jealous of iPhone owners are Shin Megami Tensei and Banshee's Last Cry. They're both classics in Japan, yet iOS is the only platform for which they've been officially localized into English. I'm not even really into mobile gaming, but I wish those were available for Android.

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    I have a love hate relationship with Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. It's a free to play mobile game where I have spent no money whatsoever on it, but it's also a luck based RNG gacha game which your enjoyment will come partially from the luck you have at drawing weapons. The game is atleast more than fair about giving players enough resources to get enough, more than enough even, weapons to pass any event including limited time events, but my luck is pretty bad when compared to other people I play and talk about this with. My cousin in particular has 14 more EX weapons than I do with just as many resources used.

    We're actually going into the Burst and LD era at the end of this month, likely this Sunday, where there will be two new tiers of weapons aded. The Burst Weapons aren't as important as the LD weapons though despite being more powerful as the LD weapons grant a new skill and a character rework, while the Burst Weapon adds six free turns, each skill allowed to be used once, and then a special attack at the end as well as a special effect that goes on for a bit. Only certain characters have access to a Burst Weapon as well, so LDs are way more important.

    That being said, on Dissidia Opera Omnia, it's a turn based RPG that plays with the Brave damage/HP damage that the Dissidia Final Fantasy fighting series brought about, however in this game you have over 100 Final Fantasy characters and each character plays very unique and fulfills a very unique role in a party line up. For the most part the characters are somewhat equal, but the problem is is this is a gacha game and they have to do something to get more money, so each new character is ever so slightly more powerful than last weeks characters. In some way the newest characters are better. Now, that doesn't always work the same as every single Locke rework has been worse than characters that were either reworked or released months before, same with Cyan, Gau, Terra, etc. It seems the developers love the Type 0 and Crystal Chronicles characters though as these characters are often top tier meta characters.

    The thing I don't like is that during every event you have to grind to get all the rewards. Want to power up each of your characters? As long as they're x2 with a 3x book, you still have to play through a minimum of seven battles per summon board, two battles for each of the 130+ characters to get all of the rewards. Each of the two weekly events have rewards that takes atleast 30 minutes to acquire all of them even with a 3x book. Now, I do all the events and I'm sitting on 300k+ gems, enough to pity four character weapons if I get unlucky, but my luck is so bad that I've had to pity the last five banners I specifically went for. However, you get around 600 tickets per month, so I pick up characters with those as well, but while my cousin gets some bad luck here and there, he generally pulls EXs within the first 50 tickets. I haven't got an EX in the last 300 tickets and aside from two months the entire time I've played where I had amazingly good luck, my average is 200+ tickets per EX.

    It's a free to play, yes, but I think this is one to look into. Ive enjoyed it enough to play it daily for much longer than a year.

    The video above is when Cecil got his EX+, and he does a lot, damage, healing, etc. But the character would have been better atleast a month later. This next video is literally one event later when Eight and King get their EX+. Now they're not as Vayne who also gets his EX+ alongside Paladin Cecil, but it's something that happens with this game, some characters are just much better.
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