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Thread: Wireless Controllers Versus Wired Controllers

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    Default Wireless Controllers Versus Wired Controllers

    Which do you prefer for your consoles or computers and why: wireless controllers or wired controllers? Have you tried any of the "classic" wireless control options for 8-bit consoles such as the NES 4-Score? What about the new wireless controllers from Retro-bit for SEGA consoles?

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    I'm fine with using wireless controllers for modern systems and modern games, but I want a wired controller for basically any console from before, say, 2005. I don't like the input lag that wireless controllers add to retro games. Since I grew up with wired controllers being standard, I'm not bothered by being tethered to a system like younger gamers seem to be. A wired controller is only annoying to me when it's got a ridiculously short cable, like with PC Engine controllers. (I use the multitap as an extension, even though it only adds a few more inches. That's how desperate I am to get any additional slack with those.)

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