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Thread: Wizard of Wor - How IS the 5200 version?

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    Default Wizard of Wor - How IS the 5200 version?

    Just random thoughts upon seeing the recent and improved Homebrew version of Wizard of Wor Arcade for the 2600 on atariage store which looks absolutely amazing I began thinking about this title. I don't think I ever encountered it in the arcade bitd and if I did no doubt I passed it over to play other games. Now, these days I am not really in a position to pick up the great looking 2600 homebrew version and I thought well at least I could load up my harmony cart and try the old original 2600 release rom and I still plan to dig it out and do just that, I figured this was my only shot of playing Wizard of Wor since I don't own any other version or have an original cart. BUT THEN what do you know? The other day as I was literally digging through my boxes I happened upon al my 5200 stuff, one of the few systems I still have a few original carts for and lo and behold HERE IT IS! I have an original cart for the 5200! Cool! I do NOT have the original instructions or an overlay as I do for several other of my loose games (though I also have MOUNTAIN KING with both the instructions and overlay!) but still at least it's something, I look forward to trying it out, not expecting it to be as good as the new 2600 homebrew but was wondering, it might be a while until I actually have the time to hook up the old 5200 beast but for those who might know, how does the 5200 stack up? I mean at least in comparison to all the original homeports? Is it worthwhile? Anyone a fan of this game? Here is my cart -

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    never played it. Always thought it sounded like "Wizard of Whore"

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