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Thread: After US Sega games

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    Default After US Sega games

    I'm based in the UK, so you must be willing too ship there. I only pay by paypal goods & services. OK thats that out of the way.

    I am after the following US Sega games must be complete (Box, game & manual) :

    Now quite a few of these are on the top end price wise, so I wont be able too afford them all at once but I hope too start chipping away at the list. Due too shipping I would prefer batches of games.

    Let me know what you have & what you want for them

    B.C. Racers
    Brutal Above The Claw
    Pitfall The Mayan Adventure
    RBI Baseball '95
    Star Trek Starfleet Academy
    The Amazing Spider-Man Web Of Fire
    World Series Baseball '95 Starring Deion Sanders
    WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game

    32X CD
    Wire Head

    Bomberman Online
    Death Crimson OX
    Elemental Gimmick Gear
    ESPN NBA 2 Night
    Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves
    Frogger 2 Swampy's Revenge
    Giga Wing 2
    Gundam Side Story 0079
    Industrial Spy Operation Espionage
    Internet Browser 3.0
    Mars Matrix
    Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX
    Midway Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 2
    Namco Museum
    NCAA College Football 2K2
    NFL 2K2
    NFL Blitz 2001
    NFL Quarterback Club 2001
    NHL 2K2
    Prince of Persia
    Reel Fishing Wild
    Sega Marine Fishing
    Sports Jam
    The King of Fighters Dream Match '99
    The King of Fighters Evolution
    The Last Blade 2 Heart of the Samaurai
    The Typing of the Dead
    Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram
    Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire

    Game gear
    Arcade Classics
    Batter Up
    Captain America & The Avengers
    Choplifter III Extreme
    Greendog The Beached Surfer Dude!
    Iron Man & X-O Manowar In Heavy Metal
    Jeopardy Sports Edition
    Jungle Strike The Sequel To Desert Strike
    Mega Man
    Mickey's Ultimate Challenge
    NBA Action
    Paperboy 2
    Pinball Dreams
    R.C. Grand Prix
    Scratch Golf
    Shaq Fu
    Shining Force The Sword Of Hajya
    Spiderman & The X-Men Arcade's Revenge
    Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball

    Master system
    James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing

    Sega CD
    ESPN NBA Hangtime '95
    Heart of the Alien
    My Paint The Animated Paint Program
    Popful Mail
    Radical Rex
    The Secret of Monkey Island

    3 Ninjas Kick Back
    A Dinosaur's Tale We're Back
    Action 52
    Aerobiz Supersonic
    Air Buster
    Al Michaels Announces Hardball III
    American Gladiators
    Arcus Odyssey
    Atomic Robo Kid
    Awesome Possum
    AWS Pro Moves Soccer
    Barbie - Super Model
    Barkley Shut Up And Jam 2
    Bass Masters Classic
    Bass Masters Classic - Pro Edition
    Battle Master
    Battletoads & Double Dragon
    Beast Wrestler
    Beauty & The Beast - Belle's Quest
    Best of the Best Championship Karate
    Bible Adventures
    Bimini Run
    Blaster Master 2
    Blockbuster World Video Game Champ. II
    Boxing Legends of the Ring
    Brett Hull Hockey '95
    Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball
    Caliber .50
    Championship Bowling
    Championship Pool
    Championship Pro-Am
    Chase HQ 2
    Chavez 2
    Chester Cheetah 2: Wild Wild Quest
    Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf
    Coach K College Basketball
    College Football USA '97: Road To New Orleans
    College Football's National Championship II
    Columns 3: Revenge of Columns
    Crystal's Pony Tale
    Dashin’ Desperadoes
    David Crane's Amazing Tennis
    Death Duel
    Dino Land
    Doom Troopers: The Mutant Chronicles
    Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls
    Earnest Evans
    Earth Defense
    El Viento
    Elemental Master
    ESPN Hockey
    ESPN Speed World
    ESPN Sunday Night NFL
    Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land
    Fighting Masters
    Final Zone
    Funny World & Balloon Boy
    Gadget Twins
    Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank: War in the Gulf
    Genesis 6-Pak
    Genghis Khan 2: Clan of the Grey Wolf
    Heavy Nova
    Home Alone 2
    Jeopardy! Deluxe
    Jeopardy!: Sports Edition
    Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl
    Joe & Mac
    John Madden Football '93 Limited 1st Round Edition
    Joshua & the Battle of Jericho
    Ka Ge Ki: Fists of Steel
    King Salmon: The Big Catch
    La Russa Baseball '95
    Last Action Hero
    Liberty or Death
    Mallet Legend's Whac-A-Critter
    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
    Master of Monsters
    Midnight Resistance
    Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend
    Mystical Fighter
    NBA Live '98
    NCAA Final Four Basketball
    NCAA Football
    NFL '95
    NFL '98
    NHL All-Star Hockey '95
    No Escape
    Nobunga's Ambition
    Operation Europe: Path To Victory
    P.T.O. Pacific Theatre of Operations
    Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures
    Pirates! Gold
    Quad Challenge
    Race Drivin'
    Raiden Trad
    RBI Baseball 3
    RBI Baseball '93
    Richard Scarry's Busytown
    Roger Clemens MVP Baseball
    Rolling Thunder 3
    Romance of Three Kingdoms 2
    Romance of Three Kingdoms 3
    Saint Sword
    Scholastic's The Magic School Bus
    Scooby Doo Mystery
    Sesame Street: Counting Café
    Shadow Blasters
    Shanghai 2: Dragon's Eye
    Shove It! The Warehouse Game
    Slaughter Sport
    Sorcerer's Kingdom
    Space Invaders '91
    Spiritual Warfare
    Splatterhouse 3
    Street Smart
    Super Battleship
    Super Volleyball
    Syd of Valis
    Target Earth
    Task Force Harrier EX
    Tecmo Super Baseball
    Tecmo Super Bowl
    Tecmo Super Bowl 2
    Tecmo Super Bowl 3
    Tecmo Super Hockey
    Tecmo Super NBA Basketball
    Tecmo World Cup
    The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
    The Great Circus Mystery
    The Humans
    The Miracle Piano Teaching System
    The Tick
    Thomas The Tank Engine
    Thunder Force 3
    Thunder Fox
    TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament
    Tom Mason's Dinosaurs For Hire
    Top Gear 2
    Toxic Crusaders
    Triple Play Gold Edition
    Trouble Shooter
    Troy Aikman NFL Football
    Twin Cobra
    Ultimate Qix
    Uncharted Waters
    Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
    Unnecessary Roughness '95
    Valis: The Phantasm Soldier
    Vapor Trail
    Vector Man 2
    Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio
    Warrior Of Rome
    Wayne's World
    Whip Rush
    World Heroes
    World Series Baseball '96
    World Series Baseball '98
    Y's 3: Wanderers From Y's

    3D Baseball
    Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean
    All-Star Baseball ‘97
    Contra: Legacy of War
    Daytona USA: Champ. Circuit Netlink Ed.
    Grand Slam
    Herc's Adventures
    Lost & Found (Homebrew)
    Magic Knight Rayearth
    Mega Man X4
    Megaman 8: Anniversary Collector's Ed.
    My Sega collection, needs & trades :

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    I have a few of these Id sell you but from what I remember, shipping to Europe is unGodly expensive. Id have to know your mailing address and I can get an idea of what I am looking at to ship them to you. PM me your address and I will tell you what I have and a price

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