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Thread: Cooking Mama Cookstar region?

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    Question Cooking Mama Cookstar region?

    I have a question about Cooking Mama Cookstar for the Nintendo Switch. I have seen Ebay pictures showing a used copy of this game with a US cover, has a ESRB box and US barcode, but the game cartridge itself has a European cartridge ID code.

    This game had a rather bumpy launch in the USA, with it being pulled from the eshop due to legal issues. However it seems to be sold for US market again, through the publisher's website.

    So, my questions.... are they repacking European copies of this game for sale in US market? Was this ever sold in store shelves in the US during the initial release date? If so, what is the US cartridge ID code?

    Update: I have found unboxing videos on Youtube for this game. It apparently was on store shelves for a short time before they too were pulled. Older unboxing videos show a US cartridge ID number label. But a more recent unboxing video from three months ago shows the game with a European cartridge ID number label. Both game cases are US region covers.
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    Yes. Yes. I don't know.
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    I wonder how many of us heard about it being pulled and bought first run copies to leave sealed for reselling later? I have 2 and I hear they're not good enough games to bother opening them. I wonder if the first print variants will be worth any more than the reprint?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickstilwell1 View Post
    I wonder if the first print variants will be worth any more than the reprint?
    I believe so if the product number is different. But if sealed is there any way to know which version is inside? If the packaging is identical, open copies might be worth more.

    I really wish they would have just released the European copies here with the European packaging too. Then just put a sticker on the box and it's like Sonic for the Master System.

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