So this is a very specific and very odd issue I've had getting a bunch of lynx games in recently. Almost all of them work, except two, Gordo 106 and Toki, the only two monkey-based platformers on the console. Specifically, this isn't a contact cleaning thing (as far as I know) but an actual ROM thing - on both games, when I play them, the hit-boxes don't work. I can't attack or be hurt by enemies or obstacles, or pick up items, in Toki's case the game crashes when I get about seven seconds into the first level, and in Gordo if I fall into a death pit it can't kill me, locking up the game, rendering both essentially unplayable - and those were some of the ones I was most looking forward to, too! My lynx plays everything else ive thrown at it flawlessly so this was a big shock.

Is there anything I can do to get these monkeys to dance, or am I monkey see, monkey doomed?

Thanks for any Simianswers you can provide.